Welcome to The QRL Contributors

The QRL Contributors are comprised of quantum-optimistic, forwarding-thinking professionals of various backgrounds from around the globe. As pioneers, it’s important to keep things not only accessible and open, but also simple, enticing, guided, cohesive, and malleable to the changing needs of both the project and how it fits into the wider cryptocurrency and global space.

We believe that quantum computing will become one of the next great technological revolutions. Quantum computers will play the role of double-agent, having the ability to both threaten and strengthen cryptography. In the near future, we believe that this threat will become more and more apparent.

Therefore, we have chosen to build a collaborative, open-source, purpose-built blockchain ecosystem ahead of time with a quantum secure backbone.

Primary and secondary goals

Primary Goals

  1. Accessible: Where possible, the team and contributors should be reachable and act as ambassadors.
  2. Open: Discussions and the general development of materials should be a public process that’s transparent.
  3. Progressive: Moving forward with an open mind to the ever changing future technology while keeping a focus on security.

Secondary Goals

  1. Enticing: Creating an incentive scheme that is appealing, sustainable, and produces results.
  2. Guided: Structure is important to establishing a common vision within which to work. Additionally so is outlining proper scope and tracking long-term tasks for coordinating people from each working group.
  3. Cohesive: Everybody has their own unique strengths to contribute, and should be encouraged and endorsed for self-electing the way in which they’d like to participate. However, each working group should be formed with the innate ability and desirability to work cohesively with every other working group.
  4. Malleable: It’s important to remain flexible so that significant overhead is not incurred to make necessary changes.
  5. Resilient: Permissions and tasks should be set up and documented in such a way that any working group or person can walk away from the project with no warning and not meaningfully negatively impact efforts.