Step 1. Be part of the community

A lot of what The QRL Contributors do is done in public forums and websites, which you can take part in without needing to be a full-fledged contributor and instead as a community member.

The activities and behaviour demonstrated as a community member will influence whether you would be accepted as a QRL Contributor, so it’s important to have a good grasp of our code of conduct.

Different areas to contribute as a community member

  1. The QRL Contributors Discord. A lot of the day-to-day discussions from The QRL Contributors are handled in our discord server. For community members, there’s public channels that anyone can participate in. Join The QRL Contributors Discord and engage in meaningful discussion or offer to take on some outstanding tasks.
  2. The QRL Community Discord. Where most of our community gathers which anyone is free to participate in. Join our main QRL Discord and provide assistance to those that need it.
  3. Trello. For those unfamiliar with Trello, it’s a web-based kanban-style list-making application which is geared towards more formally tracking todo items. While everyone doesn’t have full access, it’s possible to get in and vote on the things you’d like to see the most. This helps guide priorities for the project. Our trello boards can be found here

Step 2. Request to become a contributor (or get invited)

So, you’ve been part of The QRL Community, watched The QRL Contributors in action and see a place you feel you can help contribute! This is great to hear!

There’s two ways to becoming a contributor:

  1. Get invited. If we’ve seen you’ve had productive contributions in chat and have otherwise been part of the community you may get invited to be a contributor. Most contributors have joined this way.

  2. Request to be invited. Introduce yourself to one of the existing contributors through a private message! We’ll then review your request privately and make our decision to accept your request or not. Don’t feel too discouraged if your request isn’t accepted and feel free to re-request again after some time has passed!

Step 3. Once you’re accepted

Welcome onboard! You’ll want to read our onboarding guide.