Welcome to the QRL Contributors!

1. Understand what it means to be a QRL Contributor

By becoming a QRL Contributor, you’re also by extension, a representative to the QRL and its overall brand to the world. The actions you’ve taken in the past, and the ones you take in the future, will impact people’s impressions of QRL.

Understandably, this comes with a lot of responsibility! If you’re more of a back-of-house type of person (developers and coders) - this wont concern you as much, but it’s still important to take note of.

With that in mind, it’s important to be familiar with our code-of-conduct.

Additionally, As a QRL Contributor you will also have a larger degree of access to information that is meant to be kept private from the public.

2. Understand The QRL Contributors structure

Head over to structure to understand the value that roles and working groups play in the coordinated efforts of The QRL Contributors.

Once you understand this, ensure that you’ve been assigned or assigned yourself a role and are part of a working group. Roles and working-groups can be self-assigned whenever it’s desired.

3. Get setup on our various platforms

We use several 3rd party services to help us remain productive as well as to align our members on similar platforms. Please take some time and sign up to the various systems we use. Some of these require a moderator or core contributor to sign you up for an account or authorize your user.

Try to pick a username that’s the same or similar throughout these platforms.


Both working groups and projects utilize Trello for project tracking and task management. Trello is a kanban platform that helps organise and track issues people are working on.

The main group can be found at trello.com/theqrlcontributors/ where a board selection will be displayed. Each board corresponds to a working group and are also view-able to the public, so keeping things above board is very important here.

See more of our working groups


We use Nextcloud as the repository for files and content. You have been setup with an account over there and should have received a notification from the system. This server is viewable to all contributors, however is not publicly view able. The server content is shareable and not considered private. We do ask that things stay internal until ready for public release.

The server has been setup with a master directory that everyone share. This directory contains a folder for each working group and role. Additionally we have locations for assets like logos and templates for specific type of content such as news releases and PR content.

[Currently going through migration]


We use Github to host all code and related information. The great feature of Github is the versioning system and collaboration it allows developers. Please setup an account and associate your user name with https://github.com/theqrl-community

Not everyone is up to speed with the work flow over at Github, and the entry barrier can be steep. For those that want to join us on Github, I recommend you download https://www.gitkraken.com/ to lower the bar. This 3rd party software provides a GUI interface to interface with the Github system.


QRL Contributors are assigned an email with firstname.lastinitial@theqrlcontributors.org so that there’s a way to more officially represent QRL.