The QRL Contributors structure is comprised of one core value:

  • Transparency: The efforts of The QRL Contributors is done publicly through the platforms Trello, Discord, and GitHub.

And two key organisational components:

  • Roles: These can be seen as skillsets and are used to indicate an area of expertise a person has.
  • Working Groups: Are committees of people to achieve a unified goal. Some of these, like advocacy, are more permanent, but others might be temporary in nature to cover one-time project, such as an event. They are comprised of people with multiple roles.

Roles and working groups are used much as possible through each of our platforms. This makes the overall system easier to follow once a person understands the various roles and working groups. For example, we have a channel, #wg-advocacy, which corresponds to the trello board, wg-advocacy.


Roles allows contributors to signal, identify and call upon each others strengths and capabilities. A role can be self-assigned by any contributor for areas they feel comfortable working in, are interested in getting into, or otherwise have talent in.

For the workflow, a role can be flagged on a platform with @{ROLE}. For instance, if someone is working on a new website, there will be multiple roles that would be required to complete. For the backend, someone might need a @developer, where as for design elements they might need a @designer. The idea is to call on the strengths of each other.

  • Designer
  • Developer
  • Writer
  • Advocate
  • Moderator

Working Groups (WG’s)

Contributors can choose to be part of one or more working groups (WG).

These can be seen as committees of people with various skillsets which come together to achieve specified goals. Often a working group is similar to a skillset (ie. @wg-advocacy), but not always (ie. @wg-documentation, @wg-website).

It’s possible to create working groups as need be to achieve a specified goal or set of goals.


Concerns the area surrounding publicly supporting and recommending The QRL to friends, colleagues, organizations, and other people.

Example tasks

  • Outreach to different organizations with pitches
  • Sit in on interviews
  • Listening to feedback and corresponding with other working groups to try and improve the overall experience of QRL
  • Strategically coordinating the use of mass media to advance The QRL through targeted campaigns
  • Coordinate and organize events of different sorts (hackathon, puzzles, etc)

Public Channels


Concerns the cohesive image among all facets of The QRL both on a foundation level and a contributor and community level.

Public Channels


Concerns the organization, correspondence and reflections of concerns of the QRL community.

Example tasks

  • The formation and enforcement of rules
  • Listening to the community for ways to improve things and corresponding with other working groups to help see things to fruition
  • The creation and maintenance of communities
  • Guidance to satellite communities

Public Channels

Digital Media

Concerns the production, maintenance and correction digital materials such as blogs, graphics, and audio visuals. Also concerns the organization of media such as podcasts, news publications, and people who would otherwise wish to write or interview us.

Example tasks

  • A graphic showing OTS key usage
  • Writing a blog series on quantum computing and blockchain
  • A video on The Quantum Resistant Ledger
  • The development of writing standards

Public Channels


Concerns the maintenance and production of materials and guidelines for systems that involve the QRL ecosystem.

Example tasks

  • Compose a new page on ephemeral messaging
  • Modify instructions in a current page to add clarity
  • Writing a tutorial to help guide users.

Public Channels


Concerns the education of the public to better allow them to gain skills and knowledge as it pertains to the QRL ecosystem.

Example tasks

  • The formation of an ephemeral messaging course
  • Coordinating a faqq.info site to better help people to gain knowledge about the quantum threat as it pertains to blockchain
  • Assisting others with developing with The QRL blockchain

Public channels

Mass Media

An extension to wg-advocacy, but social media specific

Example tasks

  • Writing social media pieces of content about QRL from tweetstorms to reddit posts.
  • Ensuring that those online who inquire about blockchain projects hear about QRL, where applicable.
  • Pointing out and forming a response strategy to a trending item
  • Correspond on media releases, including editing and general fact checking

Public channels


Concerns the maintenance and production of The QRL and related website(s).

Example tasks

  • Writing efficient code
  • Creating websites/a website using standard HTML/CSS practices
  • Working closely with web designers and programmers to produce the website

Public channels